Thursday, March 12, 2009

What’s with the killing in the dancehall

There is a saying that my grandmother used to repeat and it’s what you sow you will reap. Why are we amazed at the various murders now taking place in the dancehall?” Why the sense of outrage when a boat event turns out to be deadly or shootings are taking place at club events and at the dances? It should be drawing any shocked gasps from us.

We are the ones who have embraced the gun lyrics in the dances which glorifies the act of killing people as if they are not worth much. One DJ even bragged about his prowess implying he’s bold enough to kill man in broad daylight, while another describe the gory details of marrow spilling.

I could go on and on name a lot more songs that makes the act of taking a life seem like nothing, so when these songs help to feed the appetite of the perpetrators don’t complain.

That’s why I have to big up Bounty Killer who recognized the importance of effect songs and artistes have on their fans when he went on stage and said, “mi nuh want nuh more people fi dead!”
Yes that’s the stance artistes should now be taking realizing the responsibility they have and they power they have over listeners. I am not saying that they are the ones urging them to pull the trigger, but if they do songs that are more conscious then it could help bring about a change.

Just go into a hardcore dance and you can feel the tenseness, but on the other hand go to an oldies jam or some singers session and feel the lightness in the air, the sense of enjoyment.
The dance has become a scary place to be and that’s sad. People are now thinking twice before they leave their homes. It’s time to reclaim what was once our pride and joy…cut the almshouse out of it and let’s get back to some real jamming!

Source: Yard Flex

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