Saturday, March 7, 2009

Merciless says Cobra is next!

After being declared the winner following his face-off with Ninja Man on Follow The Arrow, deejay Merciless is now calling for Cobra to confront him on stage.

"Mad Cobra a next man. Anytime him ready, tell him seh mi ready at any given time or place, 'cause Cobra a chat up some things since the start of the year," Merciless told THE STAR.

He added: "Mi nah walk and seek and hunt no man. A jus' anywhere mi buck dem and dem waan war, dem a go get it. But there is always a time and place for everything."

However, when contacted, Cobra did not seem at all interested.

"Mi nuh interested inna no clash wid Merciless. Tell Merciless fi avoid me 'cause it's very personal and him know weh mi a talk bout. Him must avoid a conversation with me on and off stage; both him and him manager. Some likkle vibes go down and him choose fi call my name and it's a joke weh mi nuh run," a furious Cobra told THE STAR.

nursery rhyme lyrics

He continued: "I wish him all the best inna him likkle thing weh nuh look like it a go anywhere. People weh listen Helter Skelter know seh Merciless a baby fi mi, wid him likkle nursery rhyme lyrics. Nuh conversation; not even a hail mi nuh want."

When Merciless returned to the local scene late last year, he said he wanted to clash with Ninja Man, Cobra and Bounty Killer. At Sting in December, he called Ninja Man to compete in a lyrical battle with him on-stage, but Ninja did not show up. However, Merciless was declared the winner of a clash with Ninja at the Follow The Arrow stage show a week ago.

"Him (Ninja Man) nuh waan see my face again. Him come a Follow The Arrow dress like a puss and mi tek him ninth life. Yuh nuh see seh Bounty seh him done wid di war? A run him a run 'cause him fraid a mi like puss. Him know seh mi a di real war general, commanding chief," Merciless said.

Although Merciless is happy with his recent success, Cobra does not believe he has achieved much.

"Him clash Ninja when Ninja Man weak and mi kill Ninja inna him peak. Him caan kill Killer. Him have a long list a deejay fi kill and Killer a avoid him," Cobra said while revealing that he was working on a new one-drop CD.

While the clashes have brought Merciless much recognition since his return, Merciless said the main objective was not clashing, as it only brought momentary hype.

"Mi nah depend pon clash fi rise my career, clash is just for the hype. But it prove seh mi a di baddest thing round here. Mi a go put out my 'galbum' and go tour Europe inna di summer; France, Germany, Italy and all those places," Merciless told THE STAR.

Source: Jamaica Star

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