Monday, March 2, 2009

Kiprich Dismantles Monster Empire @ Follow Di Arrow

When the smoke had cleared at Magnum’s Follow Di Arrow show in the wee hours yesterday morning, by all media and spectator reports, dancehall deejay Kiprich had completely dismantled the Monster Hemphigher Crew, who were without their singer - “Ghost”. This marks Kiprich’s second successful battering of the Monster Crew, following their one-sided clash at Sting 2008.

According to reports, the Monster Crew were called to the stage some minutes after 4:30 a.m. yesterday morning, and instantly demanded that Kiprich come on stage. Out came Kiprich, dressed in army fatigues and an Arab-like head wrap, and both sides exchanged harsh words and lyrics for the next couple minutes, much to the delight of the crowd on hand. It was Kiprich however who had the edge and almost immediately the crowd rallied with him, roaring forward after forward for his sharp and humorous lyrics.

Here are some reports from the lyrical battle:

Kiprich attacking the Monster crew - “Oonu have lyrics? People, dem have song? If oonu waah hear real lyrics say ‘nuh behaviour’!“
“Nuh behaviour!” roared the full house.

“Dem nevah know say mi was a war king,
A beg clash again when dem done dead a Sting,
When Jamworld say ‘boo’ an mash up the di whole crew,
Hear Round Head “a nuh me beg Killa him rim”,
A di fasses fat man get slim…“
Again the audience roared.

When Kiprich deejayed to General B, “Valentine’s Day yuh buy Roundhead brassiere… buy Ghost underpants wid di back part whe tear,” the crowd cheered heavily. Neither RoundHead or General B seemed to have a response, so Kiprich quickly added “Yuh come a call man b….. man but a whe me come fi see, General B a look b…… company and as Roundhead seh bed u jump in a it“. He then followed up with “A three a them but a me alone. Three done mean death and unnuh gather up inna a triple, nuh get away nuh de deh caa me nozzle dem nuh cripple.“

After doing a few lines, General B interrupted while inching toward KipRich. Finger-pointing, tempers flaring and word-swirling was the order of the next five minutes - with the Monster Empire getting several boos from the crowd. An angry General B moved toward KipRich while he was deejaying, and security prevented the impending tussle.

“B–y bwoy wha yuh a try?! B—y bwoy!” asked a serious-faced KipRich, who immediately went back into song.

“Yuh a call man b–y man but ah whe mi cum fi see,
General B ah look b–y company,
An as Roun Head say ‘bed’, yuh jump in ih
Spread out like ah gyal a cock up all rump in …“
Again General B inched forward cursing and Kiprich’s mic was soon taken from him and he was escorted offstage by security and the promoter who saw what might happen.

General B and Roundhead lingered on stage, seemingly arguing with the crowd which provoked more boos. General B quickly left the stage, only to hear Roundhead saying “Kill him nuh General B“. Huge laughter erupted when General B responded saying “Suh whe u nuh kill him.” Roundhead added “Hey General B, whe yuh run gone? Yuh cyan mek it look dem way deh like wi a run. Whe di bwoy KipRich run gone?“

“Booooo!” shouted the audience, and out of the blue a single bottle was flung on stage, apparently at Roundhead who quickly left the stage. KipRich re-entered singing, “Mi nuh fraid a nuh man, a pure wud a chat from mi defen di don, but mi nuh give a — whe which part come from. Hey Clown Head mi know yuh a nuh bad man…“

Torches blazed, cheers roared for Kiprich, making him the obvious winner. MC Ragashanti commented “Me nah ask a who win.“

Check out the post-clash pictures below featuring Kiprich with his manager - Audley “Breddi” Allen - and with Elephant Man who had performed prior to the clash.

Source: Dancehall Mobi

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