Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The ever-controversial Moses ‘Beenie Man’ Davis launched a verbal broadside against several entertainers during an appearance on Ed Lover’s Morning show on POWER 105.1 earlier this week.

Beenie Man held nothing back in the interview, revealing details about his marital problems, his feud with arch-rival Bounty Killer and the fight dancehall is receiving presently from government authorties.
When radio announcer Ed Lover asked about his marriage Beenie said he met someone he thought was ‘the one’ but she (D’Angel) changed over time.

“I am now divorced, I am single again,” the man known as the ‘Girls Dem Sugar’ told an audience of millions. The marriage has produced one child, two year-old Marco Dean.

Power 105.1 is also known as WWPR-FM, a mainstream urban radio station that features hip-hop and R&B and which is licensed to New York City that serves the Greater New York area.

Last year, there were rumblings of a reconciliation between Michelle ‘D’Angel’ Downer-Davis and Beenie Man, and she appeared on his annual Beenie Sizzle show where he introduced her to the large crowd as ‘his wife’. Divorce proceedings against the Doctor were also halted. However, late last year, reports emerged that they were once again on the skids because of Beenie’s ‘ole dawg’ habits. Still, Beenie Man made a much-ballyhooed appearance at his son, Marco Dean’s birthday party and showed up during the first week of his son’s first week at pre-school.Image

Efforts by an Xtra News reporter to get in touch with D’Angel proved futile. Over the weekend, she performed well on a show in Belize where she earned more than one encore, especially for her number one hit, Stronger. Beenie Man and Anthony Cruz also performed on the show as well.

“Oh God man, why Beenie Man cannot leave D’Angel alone? She is the mother of his child, she is supporting her child and focussing on her career and she is doing so well. Why is he trying to smear her name when her career is taking off? Why is he like this? Remember that God nuh like ugly,” one member of D’Angel’s inside circle, said.

Sources say that D’Angel was very professional during the promotional activities for the Belizean show and was ‘cordial’ to Beenie Man without paying him much attention.

“She never paid him much attention, maybe he is just getting some payback now,” the source said.

Beenie Man also took potshots at Barbee calling her ‘crazy’.

“Barbee wanted a Chris Brown-Rihanna thing, and I couldn’t deal with that,” he said, seemingly making a reference to the toxic nature of their past relationship where they reportedly had many loud arguments.

When contacted about Beenie’s disparaging comments, Barbee who was overseas on a business trip, said she “had nothing negative to say about Beenie’.Image

“I am just promoting Barbee right now,” the statuesque singer who scored a hit with the reggae-flavoured ‘Love You Anyway’ this year.

When asked about his constant clashing with Bounty Killer and what was the reason for this ongoing feud, Beenie Man said Bounty’s career was targeted to clash him from day one. This move he feels is not profitable for Bounty as he is “putting all his eggs in one basket”.

During his interview, Beenie also commented on recent attempts by the authorities to censor the content of the music.

When asked about the move by authorities to ban violent and sexually suggestive music, Beenie responded, “Since they don’t want to play our music, we going to get our own stations to play our music on.” Beenie went on to tell how dancehall artistes fight against each other.

Ed, while admitting his admiration for the act, asked about ‘daggering’, and how it came about. He said it looked a lot like dry-humping. Beenie Man responded with typical wit and aplomb.

“Daggering has been around long time they recently gave it that name. Jamaicans love rough sex, behind the house, in the tree, in the car, anywhere,” said Beenie Man. “Knifing to simple so we dagger.”

When asked who he thinks will be the next big thing out of Jamaica, Beenie Man was quick to say Vybz Kartel due to his lyrical content and flow.

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Source: Reggae MusicFM


Anonymous said...

No audio link of this interview? I checked Power's site for the pod cast but they have none.

Simone said...

So is the song Whatever me like by Beenie Man on the Tripple bounce riddim. A Song referring to Barbee then?