Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Vegas Completes Action-Packed I Am Blessed

Vegas shot his high-powered video for I Am Blessed, the Live Up-produced single that has been blowing up all over FM radio in the past week. The singjay...
Mr. Vegas completed the challenging shoot of his latest video, I Am Blessed, on Friday with a few scrapes and bruises, but none the worse from what insiders feel is his most 'action-packed' video to date.The video was shot for his popular single, which has been blowing up all over FM radio in Jamaica, and which is produced by Live Up on his Good Life rhythm.

“The concept of the video is that there is a greater power watching over me because each time mi come close to danger, mi find a way to escape. The video start out wid some man ah pree me, and it continues with a number of scenes where mi escape from danger each time the man dem approach me fi do mi harm. No matter the crosses, God help me overcome the obstacles.”

The video was directed by HYPE TV Video Director of the Year Jay Will who was at his fun-loving vivacious best on the shoot, hamming it up with the set-up men and joking with Vegas as he outlined what he wanted him to do.

There was also a church scene, and scenes were shot in Papine Square, Hermitage, Mona and other areas of the Corporate Area..

Other professionals on the shoot included caterer Julia Jones, make up specialist Cathy Stephenson of Wow Factor, and cinematographer Richard Lannaman of Paper Dragon Productions. Also, motivational dub poet Charlie Bobus played one of the thugs pursuing Vegas to do him harm during the course of the video. The video should be ready for release within the next two weeks.

Look out for upcoming Vegas singles such as the Lil Jon-produced So Dope featuring Indra from Barbados, and the one-drop single, Mama Don’t Cry.

Source: One 876 Ent

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