Friday, March 13, 2009

Daggering in the Empire?

A bunch of super-sexy photos with a scantily-clad Lisa Hype posing in the arms of her mentor and boss Vybz Kartel has the Internet world in a tizzy. The photos which show a semi-nude Lisa Hype with Vybz Kartel's hands cupping her breasts have set tongues wagging all over Jamaica.

The provocative photos, which appear to be promoting the Wine for Me single from the Portmore Empire show Lisa Hype in a number of interesting poses. In one photo, he is standing behind her cupping both breasts while she looks doe-eyed at the camera. In one particularly erotic pose, she is seated in his lap and his hands cover her pubic area in a V, while she grabs her breasts and appears to be in the throes of some ecstatic sexual encounter. It is not quite clear whether she is wearing panties or not in the photos.
In yet another photo, she is seen pressing against his chest, while wearing his red-striped jacket.

Source: One 876 Ent

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