Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Ever since his radio hit, I Am Blessed. and Up Deh have started blowing up all over FM radio, many dancehall fans have been wondering out loud whether Mr. Vegas has converted to Christianity. "No, I am not a Christian, but I have always been a child of God," the super-talented singjay who first came to attention with the provocative Nike Air hit song.
"As I have grown older, I have become more spiritual. I am now spending more time with my family and kids, and I have had a well-documented heart condition so all of those factors have combined to make me closer to my maker...I am in a good place right now."

Vegas flirted briefly with the idea of retirement last year, but has revamped his management structure and is ready to go at it again. He has hired a new manager, Khool head honcho Ray Alexander, while jetisoning Irish and Chin, his former managers.

"I am ready spiritually, emotionally and physically to go all out and do my best in 2009."

The deejay has enlisted the help of HYPE TV Director of the Year Jay Will to shoot the videos for I Am Blessed and Up Deh, gospel-flavoured dancehall songs that are sure to resonate with a Jamaican audience floundering in harsh economic times and surrounded by gun violence.

"These songs are supposed to give Jamaican people spritual nourishment in these turbulent times," Mr. Vegas said.

Vegas has an uncanny knack of making hits. After jumping into the spotlight with Nike Air, his next single, "Heads High", had a successful chart run in the UK and a #69 peak on the Billboard R & B chart. In 1998, his debut album, Heads High, was released, which hit #5 on the US Reggae chart. Vegas won a MOBO for Best Reggae Artist for the Heads High album as well. 2000's single "Hot Gal Today" was a minor hit on the US R&B charts, peaking at #66.

In 2001, he issued Damn Right, featuring guest appearances from Shaggy and Big Yard. This album went to #2 on the US Reggae chart. 2004 saw the release of the Pull Up LP, and the title track scraped the bottom of the Billboard Top 200, peaking at #98 (as well as #68 on the R&B chart). In 2007, his Tek Weh Yuself song on the Dutch Pot riddim was named as one of the top 50 songs of the year by Vibe magazine.

But despite all his successes, Vegas has had many challenges in the industry including a falling out with Bounty Killer who attempted to slander his name. Even before he became famous, Vegas' jaw was shattered by a man wielding a crowbar during a scuffle over stolen master tapes. His jaw was wired shut for six weeks.

"I am a survivor, God Almighty has kept me and protected even when my enemies have surrounded me and were tearing at my flesh. I have always had the love and support of my family so I know I am unshakeable, Mr. Vegas is here to say in the dancehall business," he said.

Mr. Vegas has a number of performances booked for various countries in the Caribbean later this year.

Source: Reggae MusicFM

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