Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The 'Arrow' aftermath - Ninja claims win, Monster cries foul

The smoke has cleared and Ninja Man has declared himself the winner of the clash with Merciless at the Magnum 'Follow Di Arrow' show.

At the event, held at James Bond Beach, St Mary, the boos Ninja Man elicited seemed to signify his loss. The people sang along with Merciless, declaring him the winner. However, these sentiments are not shared by Ninja Man.

"Merciless dead. Man write off Merciless long time, claim mi victory, change mi clothes, people lift me up and throw champagne on me and mi come back fi show di people dem love and unity and then Merciless come wid him ray ray," Ninja Man told THE STAR.

"Di whole Jamaica see seh Merciless write off. Mi did jus' a chop up tune under Merciless skin. From mi start deejay till me come offstage, Merciless a get kick. Mi nuh matta weh him waan seh inna di last round, cause mi kill him already."

But when Ninja Man returned to the stage, Merciless continued to deejay and, during this time, Ninja Man got many blows, but he said his intention was not to prolong a clash.

"Mi jus' mek him (Merciless) hold him opinion seh a him win. Merciless, if yuh feel like yuh win and yuh feel like yuh bad, come a Spring Break. This time mi a go write yuh off and put yuh out of existence," Ninja Man told THE STAR while noting that Merciless got advice during the clash from his manager.

Feel joyful

However, Merciless is basking in all the glory.

"Then mi nuh must feel joyful and victorious. It was a nice little competition. Mi neva think bout losing. Mi haffi see him run little first then burn out himself 'cause after five tune him nuh have anymore. Inna any competition yuh haffi get a few blows," Merciless said.

Since the show, Merciless said he has been receiving many calls for shows. Hence, he has no intentions of clashing with Ninja Man anytime in the future.

"Right now wi ago gwaan buil and then put out some songs. Ninja Man can neva call nobody name bout war again. Yuh nuh see seh a put mi put weh di junkie fi good? A di wickedest murder when yuh kill a bwoy inna him place," he told THE STAR.

Like Ninja Man, General B of Monster Hemp Higher believes their clash with KipRich was unfair.

"A Alliance show, Alliance crowd. Di people dem did bias and everything, but we give dem we best. We a did di only people weh a nuh Alliance weh did deh pon di stage. Mi nuh expect dem fi give wi di hundred when a Alliance crowd. But weh mi really want is a one-on-one with me and KipRich," General B said.

General B said Ghost was not part of the clash plans and Roundhead was supposed to sing one song and he would have lyrically killed KipRich.

Yet, Monster Hemp Higher's best was not good enough for KipRich.

"Memba dem did mek a statement seh dem a come do dem best but if a fi dem best dat, it nuh good enough fi me. Dem really look like empty barrel, bere hype and then nutten. Mi done wid dem man deh yah now. Mi just waan give mi fans dem some good songs," KipRich told THE STAR.

Source: Jamaica Star

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