Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dancer Cullo Cullo chopped and beaten

Dancer Cullo Cullo who originated the Stookie dance was beaten and chopped by a group of men with whom he had an altercation yesterday. According to sources, the dancer had gone to the defence of his girlfriend who was being harassed by the crew of a bus belonging to the Whispers chain of buses which play various routes in the Kingston Metropolitan area.

"Dem a try diss mi girl and mi move to dem and dem go fi 100 man fi chop mi up. Ah skill mi skill mek mi no dead. Mi friend dem tek weh demself, dem a handicap, mi ah the only bad man, so mi nah pay dem no mind, but the man dem a try kill me, mi nuh know how mi escape," Cullo Cullo told

He then handed the phone to his girlfriend, 19 year-old Lisa Brown who explained that they had been doing a video shoot in Half Way Tree when the bus crew arrived and declared that no video shoot would be allowed to happen.

"Dem say to me, hey big ole gal, go suck yu madda just because mi a look pon dem, and mi tell dem back, and dem come box me, then go inna the bus fi hacksaw blade and jump over the rail and come fi me. Then Cullo ah defend it and the two bwoy dem say 'hey, Cullo, yu a dancer, we will kill yu' and then dem run weh and come back wid about 100 man and dem run him down go way over Skateland, dem stab him inna him forehead and head, and beat him all over him body with a piece of board. Then dem come back to Half Way Tree, drape mi inna mi throat and box me again and punch me inna mi mouth and buss it, and dem kick weh mi foot."

The assault has been reported to the HWT police.

Source: One 876 Ent

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