Monday, March 2, 2009

Ninja, Monster get 'beach' burial

As Monster
Hemphire's Roundhead nervously attempted to salvage some pride with the crowd booing heavily, it was evident that Kiprich's sharp lyrics and relentless approach made him a clear winner at Follow Di Arrow's 10th anniversary at James Bond Beach in St Mary yesterday morning.

In one of two billed clashes, Monster Hemphire, who was without Ghost, came out explosively as fireworks, lighters and torches, which came from one section of the crowd, signalled the group's entrance. "A whe di b...... boy deh?" demanded General B.

Out came Kiprich in army fatigue and the two went at each other for about two minutes, exchanging harsh words before a tumultuous crowd.

Cheered heavily

When Kiprich deejayed to General B, "Valentine's Day yuh buy Roundhead brassiere... buy Ghost underpants wid di back part whe tear," the crowd cheered heavily.

It appeared Monster Hemphire, previously Monster Empire, didn't have a response and Kiprich gave another lightning quick response: "Yuh come a call man b..... man but a whe me come fi see, General B a look b...... company and as Roundhead seh bed u jump in a it".

He followed that up with: "A three a them but a me alone. Three done mean death and unnuh gather up inna a triple, nuh get away nuh de deh caa me nozzle dem nuh cripple."

The roar at James Bond Beach shook the very earth as General B quickly left the stage, only to hear Roundhead saying "Kill him nuh General B". A huge laughter came when General B responded: "Suh whe u nuh kill him."

The positive response from the crowd, which declared Kiprich winner, appeared greater when MC Ragashanti said: "Me nah ask a who win."


Ninja Man, who came with the intention "to settle all arguments" with Merciless, might be kicking himself right now. After totally dominating the 'Warhead' Merciless in the early goings, getting most of the 'forwards' from the crowd, the Ninja gave it away in the end.

He attacked Merciless with "Yuh talk bout Cobra a bowers, Bounty a coward, yuh nah tel dem di amount a man whe ...... u down a Riker's". Merciless appeared to have been speechless as the crowd went into a frenzy.

Ninja Man thought that was the defining moment and declared himself winner by walking off the stage. But Merciless stood strong and when Ninja Man came out for a second time that was the beginning of the end.

"You a run... me ago kill yuh inna yuh yard," said Merciless at about 6:00 a.m. For the next half hour, Ninja Man struggled to regain his dominance and the counter actions of Merciless got great responses.

Source: Jamaica Star

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