Friday, March 13, 2009

Mavado hits #1 on reggae billboard

Mavado's latest VP Records album Mr Brooks...A Better Tomorrow zoomed to the top of Billboard's Reggae Album chart, but VP Records is probably hoping for a better week of sales that could propel the album on to other Billboard charts. The album was released via iTunes on March 3 and released on CD a few days later but without a hit single to generate sales and excitement, the album is just treading water right now. The top five is rounded out by Mishka, Elephant Man, UB 40 and VP's popular Reggae Gold series.

Mavado's debut album Gangster for Life: The Symphony of David Brooks, bottomed out at number six on Billboard's Reggae Album chart in 2007. The set watered out at number 84 on Billboard's R&B Hip Hop album chart.

Source: One 876 Ent


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