Thursday, March 12, 2009

Black Queen Stays in the Alliance

Galliance deejay Black Queen is reaffirming her commitment to the Galliance crew formed by Macka Diamond in the wake of rumours of a major split in the group because of a feud between Galliance head Macka Diamond and deejay Queen Paula.

"I have no intention of getting involved in their friction. Those two have been friends for years, they are like bench and batty, an I am sure that they will work out their differences...Galliance fi life," Black Queen said.

Black Queen has been making a name for herself with her new single You Say which has been in heavy rotation on the major radio stations. And since joining up with the Galliance, her stocks have risen and she is widely regarded by insiders as a talent to watch.

Black Queen is booked to appear on shows such as Fully Loaded 2k9, Reggae in the Valley in St. Elizabeth, Funfest at Jamworld and the Portmore Seafood Festival.

Black Queen has also made the important move of employing competent individuals to handle aspects of her career, a move which triggered rumours that she was cutting ties with the Galliance.

"No, I rate the Galliance, it's just that Macka doesn't have the time to handle certain parts of my career because she is busy with her own career, so I realized that I have to make different people start to deal with my thing. I am still in the Galliance, I've spoken to Macka about it and she is OK with it," Black Queen explained.

Black Queen's bookings will be handled by Armageddon International Booking Agency which can be reached at 524-8121. Her new manager is J.R Pearson who can be located at 476-6840.

Source: One 876 Entertainment

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