Monday, September 22, 2008

Will Munga and Aidonia take a piece of the Christmas hype?

Dancehall artistes Munga also known as the Gangsta Ras and the lyrical genius Aidonia were two of the hottest artistes last year ripping up the airwaves and the dancehall circuits. However, in the first quarter of 2008 that hype slowly faded away.

One of the things that these two artistes have in common is that fans are anxiously waiting for them to make a monstrous come back. A lot of persons were anticipating that they would have been hot for the summer, but the summer hype went to the Energy god Elephant Man with his usual dancing antics with songs such as ‘Nuh Linga’, ‘Gully Creeper’ and ‘Sweep’. But what really placed the icing on the ‘summer hype cake’ for Elephant Man was when the world’s fastest man on earth Usain Bolt did the ‘Nuh Linga’ and ‘Gully Creeper’ after breaking his own world record at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing (China).

Even though both Munga and Aidonia were not at their uttermost best, they still had songs ripping up the dancehall. Munga with ‘Rise My Own’ and Adonia with ‘Want Fi F**k Yuh’. Personally, I think these two artistes will once again become hot commodities for this coming Christmas season as I have done a few rounds to various studios listening to tracks soon to be release by Munga and Aidonia. So far, Aidonia can be defined as the favourite of the two because most of Aidonia’s tracks that I heard are now out and creating a havoc in the dancehall. Songs such as ‘Bruise Up Di P*ssy Jaw’, and the overnight hit single ‘Daggering’ that quickly attached its self like glue to the ladies in its first week of rotation especially at RTI weekend, Negril. If Aidonia can continue on this same path or better, he will definitely be a contender for Sting 08.

We have seen Munga used ‘Wine Pon It’ to control almost an entire year, but the questions is will he be able to do it again - I am going to say yes, he can. Munga has several new songs waiting to be release that are definitely potential hit songs that can “run di flipping place and di baddest one I have heard suh far is di one pon Mr. G’s Brawling Riddim”. When I first heard di song, it reminds me of “di waan buss, must buss Munga Honorable,” who swiftly aware his fans that “Dem Guy Deh Nuh Bad Like I”.

Rememba mi told yuh that Munga and Aidonia aguh happen fi dis Christmas, Sting uhnu betta book dem from early out before dem price get high.

Source: Out A Road

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