Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Spragga Mourns 'Carlye', his eldest son

Spragga Benz has come to the defence of his son’s reputation, calling him a well-mannered ambitious young man with a future in the international film industry.

“Him no different or worse than no other yute. He beat the odds, he had six subjects, I have to give thanls to his teachers, that was the manifestation of all his hard work. I know they must feel proud and sad at the same time,” he mused.

Spragga's son, 17 year-old Camperdown High student Carlton Brown Jr. was shot and killed two Saturdays ago by cops on patrol in downtown Kingston. The cops allege that the youngster engaged them in a shootout after they approached him and another young man riding a bicycle in a dangerous area of the capital city. The cops claim that they recovered a gun from his body. However residents dispute this account, and at least one eyewitness, the other young man on the bicycle has told police investigators that he was told to run by the police and looked back to see Carlton's body on the ground after hearing gunshots.

Spragga said that it was the natural order of things for a father to predecease his son, but now that had been perverted.

“It shoulda be the next way around, but we de ya still,” he said.

He said that his son had a bright future ahead of him, but all that potential will never be realized now.

“Me neva get six subjects, mi never star inna movie at that age, mi never get a cheque fi US$50,000, so he was on a greater track than even me. And then these people appoint themselves, judge, jury and executioner and kill my yute. Somebody needs to be called to account for this if the situation never warranted the use of deadly force,” he said.

Spragga said that Cess Silvera, the director of the cult Jamaican classic, ‘Shottas’ called him and cried openly when he heard of his son’s death.

“The man ah shed tears, he told me that Carlye would have had a role with Queen Latifah in an upcoming movie and him cut up about it…I had to console him,” Spragga confided.

Spragga also said that he planned to request at least three forensic pathologists to observe the post mortem of his son. It is unclear when this post mortem will be performed given the current backlog in the system because of the steamrolling murder rate and overburdened government facilities.

Last night, a ni-nite was held on Hanover Street in downtown Kingston for the slain youngster.

Source: One 876 Ent.

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