Monday, September 22, 2008

Beenie's Baby Mamma Drama...

How Beenie Man babymother so billias? Yu watch the Youtube video where she ah talk up a bagga tings. Beenie styles his mother as ‘carelessness’ in what is presumably a radio interview. There are also spliced sound bytes such as ‘mi get a son ah England which mi never know ‘bout but mi know ‘bout him now’, juxtaposed with images of Ms. Laing and her son, and words from Ms. Laing which counteract Beenie’s arguments. Some of the sound bytes appear to be downright mean: ‘mi babymother is a kinda crazy woman but mi know ah who she know’, and ‘yu need fi drop the ting because yu nah go have me…yu nah go have a Beenie Man…and mi know ah dat yu want’, but to at least be fair, the whole interview is not available and it is easy to take his comments out of context, but it still looks bad. She uses the classic Buz Luhrman music single Wear Suncreen as a soundtrack as she dismantles Beenie Man, and she even brings up the Bogle incident where he went on television and ‘cried like a bitch (I thought you were a bad man)’. Ouch!

Mi love how Queen Paula career just tek off back so to the point where ah she lock the All Woman show inna Los Angeles over the weekend. The crowd love Paula and the way she talk the tings dem ‘bout Spice and her bleaching and all these things The promoter go through a rough time mi hear because of a split inna the camps between Macka Diamond/Queen Paula and Lady Saw/Spice over the next side. Mi hear say him haffi get two different hotel fi dem and a bagga tings

Big up Tami Chynn and Shaggy, the Pepsi commercial yu endorse show say Jamaican artistes have the appeal fi market A class products on the international stage. Mi see the two version dem during Rising Stars’ show on Sunday night but somebody need fi tell me which commercial dem ah go show worldwide, the one wid Tami a sing or the one with Shaggy? Big up Carl Douglas who originate the Kung Fu Fighting song, the first Jamaican to go #1 on the Billboard charts. Reggae music to the flipping universe

Source: One 876 Ent.

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