Tuesday, September 9, 2008

All-white funeral for Benz's son

The son of popular deejay Spragga Benz, Carlton 'Carlisle' Grant will be laid to rest this Saturday September 13 in an all-white funeral service.

When THE STAR spoke with the deejay he said that the funeral will be held at 'Our Lady of the Angels' on Molynes Road at 10 a.m., and the burial will follow at Dovecot Memorial Park. The funeral, which was originally expected to be held in October, got pushed forward when the autopsy date was changed from the scheduled October 2 appoint-ment.

According to Spragga Benz, the autopsy will now take place this Thursday. The funeral will be open to the general public as long as persons who are attending wear white for the service. Spragga Benz explained, "we requesting persons to wear white, cause we not into di mourning thing."

Carlisle Grant was killed on Saturday August 23 by police in what is believed to be questionable circumstances.

The incident occurred on Church Street in Kingston when the police were on an alleged patrol. It was reported that Grant and a friend was riding a bicycle when ordered by the police to stop, which they did and one of them pulled a gun and fired at the police. The fire was returned and the men ran, the area was searched and Grant's body was found suffering from several gunshot wounds.

Spragga is taking legal action, gathering information on the incident and thus far there are no further updates on the case.

Source: Jamaica Star

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