Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday Latte...

Why dem a talk up a bagga lies and tings about Kartel say him join lodge, and ah drink blood out a skulla, ah wear guard ring and all these things? Is just Alliance propaganda, memba say it come inna the STAR say Killa helper say ah pure candle ah burn inna him house all hours of the day? And everybody know say him did send go obeahman fi find out if him can get back D’Angel. As far as mi concerned, a nuff artiste involve inna iniquity workings, dem a sprinkle oil, dem a write other artiste name pon parchment paper and put inna dem fridge and dem a write dem name pon paper and put inna dem shoes fi walk pon dem. Ah pure dark dealings, but mi no fraida none a dem, mi say GOD over evil.

Jeezam, mi heart swell up with pride when mi see Bolt, Powell, Carter and Frater sweep the top places at the meet in Brussells yesterday. SWWEEEEEPPP. Weh dem feel like? And what are they trying to do, spoil the reputation of Ennis-London wid the story on that website talking about HGH being mailed to her home, and mi love how she answer dem wid a victory at Brussells. Jamaica to the universe!

Source: One 876 Ent.

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