Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pandemonium on the Parkway

I thought that we were so over this war-war thing and mi cyan believe say mi lef Jamaica weh gunshot sing like Peabo Bryson fi come a farin fi get shot. The parade did a gwaan good, mi go down a the Crown Heights section where it kick off, and mi leave and go on a next avenue and teh Jamaica float sell off. Mi see Elephant Man ah do him ting, mi did buy some Jamaican food and mi de de good good and ah enjoy myself, den all of a sudden, the almshouse just start, shot start sing out like Rihanna, mi see people ah jump barricade like dem a run a hurdle race like Melaine Walker and all these things. We black people are some excellent athletes. Anyhoo, mi just tek weh myself and gully creep outta the excitement. Mi did de the West Indian parade inna 2006 when a man did get shot in the leg and another one get stab. In previous years, the event has been marred by tragedy. In 1999, two children died when they were pinned between floats, and hours later a man was run over by a float and killed. In 2005, a man was shot to death according to media reports. Later, Kriq ah go post the picture dem, yu might see me.

Mi girlfriend call me last night and say she heard a discussion on radio where Mavado was saying that the people dem cut his vibes, and she say the listeners dem start call in and ah deal wid him a way and a cuss him out rotten. Mi no really live here so mi not even know ah which station that and all these things, but from what mi remember, him did end him set suddenly and mi did feel say the organizers dem did cut him time. Mi need fi get a call dem to Bobby Clarke fi find out what really went down why him come offa the stage, alll mi friend dem ah ask when Kartel ah come a New York.

Bwoy, mi vex, look how mi coulda stay ah New York some more days because mi did schedule fi fly down on Thursday fi get ready mentally fi the big match versus Mexico and now mi a hear say Burrell pull a fast one and get the Mexicans dem fi get we fi come play dem up inna Mexico City. It coulda work because mi hear mi cousin ah say we ah go get three home match straight but mi still vex, after Stadium nuh mash up enough fi Burrell pull off dem stunt de.


Mi friend from Jamaica send me a text ah ask if a true say Mavado ah spar wid Jay Z brother up here and if 50 Cents give him US$20,000 fi go pon shopping spree?

Why was Beenie Man so upset that him go perform before Elephant Man and lef him inna one big hole on the stage?

Which browning mi see ah force up herself on Coco Tea backstage after IRIE JAMBOREE?

How Flippa Maffia ah go so hard? Two songs inna the top 20 of the Jamaica Music Countdown? No sah, gwaan Flippa! Philly ting sell off but mi used to the free ticket ting and mi nah go so far.

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