Monday, September 8, 2008

Macka Diamond's Fiance' threatened...


This just in, ladies and gentlemen. Apparently, since news broke in the CHAT that Macka white man propose to her, nuff of her old flames dem start crawl outta the woodwork and ah say no wedding cyan gwaan because ah dem ah the real man inna Macka life. Dem say no white man cyan get her and wherever the wedding keep, it haffi mash up. Mi hear say one of the more psychotic one dem call the white man and threaten him wid bodily harm anyhow him go near Macka again. Ah pure drama, mi hear say Macka fly out this morning fi try soothe out him nerves, but mi know say the white man no used to dem kinda livity de. How man so bad mind? Macka just about fi hit the jackpot because mi hear say the man money no normal, ah skyscraper money him have and now dem dutty Jamaican man who no have dry s--t inna dem b---y waan come mash up the woman ting. Mi vex star and ah not even me.


Mi get the date fi Bolt’s arrival wrong, mi hear say ah today him a forward, he will arrive at 1:15 p.m. and a brand new red BMW convertible will transport Bolt in the motorcade, leading vehicles carrying the prime minister and other officials from the airport to the hotel, where a press conference is scheduled to be held. However, mi hear say crazy rain is expected this afternoon from IKE so dem better him a big Jamaica umbrella, but wid dem breed a lightning weh a flash, mi no know ‘bout that either. Bolt’s arrival will kick off several planned activities to commence in October when all the members of Jamaica's Beijing Olympic team will return to the island on a special flight. Before that, there will be the Sept. 20th show in Trelawny featuring artistes such as Shaggy and Stacious.


How Liquid nuh stop spar up wid him 7 month old daughter Milan all over the place? Him ah look the title fi babyfather of the year.

How Minister Mike Henry nuh stop plant kiss on Sophia Brown cheek after she perform at a JUTC function on Saturday? What is going on Minister?

Which famous celebrity crew girl come in like she stuck pon the rock? How come she nah travel again? Ah true say de authorities dem gone wid her passport and all these things?

Why D'Angel cyan find a proper tune? She perform alright on the Caribbean Model Search show last night but her performance lack oomph and pizzazz, she needs a hit like how Nordia Rose need a hairstyle. Sort it out.

What a way Lady Saw ah party up a S-T-O-R-M inna Quad on Saturday night? She just step out inna her new Emancipation hairstyle. Why emancipation? She free herself from the weave ting and her hair born again, hot gal have dem owna hair! Yea, ah dat we say! Big up the Badda Badda crew who was in the place.

Why big big Pulse coulden have a proper generator system in place for the event last night? Kingsley Cooper get up at least three times and make a big production out of trying to blame JPS for the delay in the show. Two of mi girlfriends dem get vex and leave but mi is a girl love get the full value fi my money so mi stay and get the most fi my money.

If is true that the Liquid two babymothers dem concede defeat now and Milk ah #1 now on the Liquid charts? One is a career girl ah deal with her Red Stripe career and the other one ah try build back her career where she never did have inna the first place. Heh heh, mi body, Milk to the flipping universe, gwaan mi friend.

Source: One 876 Ent.

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