Thursday, September 18, 2008

Beenie's Girl gives away the ting de...

Beenie's Girl Gives Away the NookieHeh heh! This ya one ya deep. What is going on in my favourite deejay's life? Mi see her at French Connection wid a man wid mi owna two eyes and from dem time de, mi a wonder if the Doctor turn back into a gal clown. Then, one of mi links spot her wid man ah go go club ah give lap dance, and another one of mi girlfriends dem spot her inna Platinum nightclub ah give another lap dance. But mi say mi nah say nothing, but the other day, an argument buss pon the road that the same day Beenie fly out, she go check in at a big-shot hotel inna New Kingston wid a top man. Mi hear say somebody trail her while she go check inna her room, and dem wait and see her ah drive out the next morning wid a top man name mi nah go call. Is Beenie going to allow this girl to clown him out? Mi nuh ready fi call her name but she was in CHAT the other day in an article comparing her to one of Bounty's main girl. Everybody know her from Portmore, mi nuh haffi call no name.

Source: One 876 Ent.

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