Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kapri Disses Kip Rich, starts feud

Dancehall youngblood Kapri has issued a firm challenge to fellow deejay Kip Rich in a song called Strike Out for top producer Seanizzle.

The hard-hitting single uses brilliant wordplay to challenge Kip Rich’s masculinity and street cred, making insinuations about Kip-o’s ‘oral habits’ and the real reason for his fallout with Elephant Man. One of the best verses goes: Yu shoulden diss the Trod/Balance ah mi dad, yu tracing like a fag/is like yu want a body bag/ah wah do Black-er friend/Bossy ah go copper dem/mi mek mi talk once, him affi chat again.

Kapri, who reps the Hungry Town family, did the song because he believes that Kip-o has dissed his mentor and friend, Turbulance. However, Turbulance’s religious beliefs compel him not to respond to Kipo’s perceived diss, but Kapri feels inclined to defend the Hungry Town name.

“I feel say Kip Rich violate Turbulance by doing the same Too Late to Apologise song that Turbulance did five months before him. He even performed the song at Capleton show after Turbulance do it, and when people say it to him, he says only the white man (who did the original) can tell him not to sing it,” he explained.

Since ‘Strike Back’ hit the streets, Kapri said that his street credibility has shot through the roof but he has heard not a squeak from Kip Rich. In fact, he now he believes the deejay is clearly a coward for not wanting to respond.

“When Kipo violate, Balance (Turbulance) say low it but mi tek it on myself fi deal with it. Him hear my song but him nah answer it, mi feel say him afraid, this is not Monster Twins, him see the lyrical content and caan run in. Kip Rich ah gallis, him fi low real gangster ting, and go back to writing letters,” Kapri said confidently.

When contacted, Bready, Kip Rich's manager said that Kapri was
'just looking a hype' so he was advising him to ignore the challenge of who he called a 'hothead'.

"Ah music and an artiste can say anything he wants, as long as he doesn't cross the line and then man ah go tek it personal. Kip Rich call Turbulance who say him no know how that come in, but him need fi know say ah the wrong road him a bark up," Bready said.

"He must know what he is trying to achieve by saying this, but he doesn't know much about music. As long as he doesn't go overboard and tek it physical, everything alright."

Kapri said that Kip Rich called him last week and said 'his thugs don't like the song', but Kapri said he refuses to be intimidated.

"Me ah go inna the streets ah do mi song and promote it, him ah try get sound man nuffi play mi song but the people dem a log onto it, so mi ah go all over go promote it hard, even inna Waterhouse," he said.

Kapri, whose real name is Dwayne Wallace, was born February 12, 1988 in the parish of Kingston. Kapri grew up in the inner city community of Waltham Park Road before moving to Pembroke Hall. The youngest of seven children for both parents, he knows what it means to struggle having lost his father, the major breadwinner for his family, when he was only three years-old, pushing the family to the brink of poverty.

While he attended the Eltham High school in Spanish Town, he fell in love with music and recorded his first song in 2002 for Mr. G’s Youngblood label. Kapri’s turning point came when he reunited with a childhood friend, a record producer Seanizzle in 2004, but it was not before 2007 when he recorded the hit, Dear Mama that his true talent began to shine through like a clear beacon.

The hit single, Dear Mama is currently getting heavy rotation on local radio stations and is now in position number three on Chris Goldfinger BBC top ten charts. The song is also in strong rotation on DJ EM’s programme on Love 104 radio in the Cayman Islands. New singles such as Your Eyes, Try Hard on the Hungry Town riddim and Rik-Tik-Tik on the Reverse riddim.

Kapri has appeared in major shows this year such as Black My Story, and Negril Spring Break and he will be performing on September 30 at the Steppaz Niteclub in Grand Cayman.

“Right now, mi feel that mi can walk out onstage and face a crowd of 1,000 and tek it to them, I am ready,” he said.
Kapri is currently under the management of Turbulance and the Higher Trod family, as well as style maven Keiva the Diva.

Source: One 876 Ent.

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