Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Beenie's Grandchild is a Girl! ...

What is going on with these teenaged girls? It stink on the road say Rosie Daseca’s younger sister is also pregnant for a popular deejay. My word! Dutty Jen, mi no waan yu put yu goat mouth pon my pickney (or pitney as you like to write) but from she reach 10 mi ah stop go certain dance, mi no waan come in like Jen who she and her madda used to go the same dance and ah borrow each other bleaching cream and hair, whooiiii, mi body! Mi assets! Mi tight-o right-o! Weh dem feel like? Back to the argument, mi hear the Little Miss is really SIX months pregnant and she is (wait for it, wait for it…drum roll please) expecting a girl. It would be remiss of me not to point out teen pregnancies are a bit of a tragedy for too many of our young girls, and I don’t blame Beenie in any way, sometimes, these things do happen, what is important is how he handles the situation now. Beenie ah still mi artiste to the end like Chuck, but right now, it’s all about baby fever, Proper Ugu Toya is also preggers for the White Gadd, Gordine is pregnant for a big big name artiste, just wait, more baby news is on the way.
Mi see Paula pon HYPE TV last night inna her dark glasses and hoodie and she ah talk de tings dem bout Spice and she ah say ‘bounty say I are the one, but I say I is the one’. She deejay and get a forward fi her tune Gimme Dat. We love how Paula a gwaan, mi girlfriend say ah she and Spice tek the All Woman show. She go up de and say, ‘some gal favour werewolf weh a change and never finish because the sun ketch her' and the crowd pap up, and some girl ah ask, who she a talk? Paula continue: 'As a matter of fact, her colour nuh de inna the crayon box, yu haffi mix up the black wid the yellow. The crowd roared. Then she call up Spice name and talk up some bad man lyrics bout she ah go 'mek blood spray like when stone buss pipe' and all these things. She do her up bad. Spice work afterwards and never did ah call up back Paula name but some people rounda backstage start jeer and say 'if yu nuh call her name, yu flop' and she start in pon Paula and say 'when yu a step up inna life, and some dutty gal over de so nuh like it' and she point inna Paula direction and the crowd love it and start shout. It look like dem out fi clash at Sting this year, memba mi told yu.

Source: One 876 Ent.

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