Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mad Ras 'Kills' Firelinks in Portmore

Early Sunday morning, by way of huge crowd applause numbering some 5,000 persons, Rebel T was declared the winner over FireSounds and Black Kat took the nod over Area Code 876, at the first staging of the Guinness Sounds of Greatness competition, held at Ken’s Wildflower Lounge last weekend.Early ‘jugglings’ came from the resident disco Turbo Crown as the crowd filed in hour after hour. Then it was time for the sound off with the first set coming from Area Code 876, led by Fire Black followed by Black Kat, whose main selector, Pink Panther did the honours for his team. This round – 15 minutes of non-stop juggling each – produced an even match up between the veteran, Black Kat and the Portmore-based Area Code 876.The second round – the tune (chuun) for tune round – saw the home-based team putting up a good fight but the veterans started to show their dominance and by the time they got to round three, where the dubs (dub plates) ruled, Black Kat registered their victory with a more superior set. The victory was clear and Black Cat copped the prize money and made way for the Rebel T Firesounds match up.The jugglings were close for this match but the judges – Kingsley “Ragashanti” Stewart and Junior “Heavy D” Fraser – scored Rebel T higher numbers. The tune-for-tune round saw Rebel T taking a commanding lead over their opponents. But not to be outdone, the Firesound brought some heat in round three by playing eight of 10 winning dubs. The competition made for great entertainment for the thousands gathered and in the end Rebel T got the second semi-final spot available.The event, which was emceed by the very bubbly and full-a-vibes Miss Kitty, saw patrons in attendance receiving cash prizes amounting to $20,000 with one lucky Guinness lover, Andre Rose, walking away with a Sony entertainment system.The charge-free party moves to Cambridge in the west on September 27 when Bass Odyssey competes with Body Guard and Swatch International takes on Pisces. The top four winners will form a semi-final round to be contested on October 19 in Highgate St. Mary and October 25 in Wakefield Trelawny which will then determine the top two for a game day of November 1, 2008 at the Kingston Waterfront.

Source: One 876 Ent.

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