Monday, February 2, 2009

Silence Stumping Ice Murder Investigation

Jamaica’s “culture of silence”, which has been highlighted, emphasized and reiterated over the years in our “informer fi dead” dancehall music and culture, may ironically be preventing the solving of the murder case involving popular dancehall dancer, David Smith (more popularly known as ‘Ice’). Ice was gunned down on Boxing Day last year, and despite a strong lead which has lead to the arrest of a suspect, he is still to be charged as no witnesses are forthcoming.

In the legal world, minimal evidence and no witnesses means no case, and this may very well be situation with regard to Ice’s murder, as the police cannot hold the prime suspect in custody indefinitely without charging him; and it seems obvious that they are unable to charge him because no one is willing to identify him.

Even if the silence prevails, and the suspect is eventually released, it’s not a stretch to imagine that there are persons who may very well be planning their own jungle justice retaliation for Ice’s murder. It’s a never-ending cycle that replays itself here in Jamaica over and over again. Where will it end? R.I.P. Ice.

Source: Dancehall Mobi

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