Friday, February 27, 2009

Studio Engineer Attacks Luciano

Studio engineer “Freckles” reportedly attacked and beat veteran reggae chanter Luciano while he was at a gas station on Dunrobin Avenue in Kingston last week Friday (February 20). The incident reportedly stemmed from a previous incident last year where Freckles was assaulted at Luciano’s office by persons associated with the artiste. Freckles it is said, assisted some Australian promoters to book Luciano for a tour, and asked to come on the tour as well, but was not pleased with the financial compensation that he received. It was in August 2008 that he went to Luciano’s office to sort out this matter when he was “roughed up”, and reportedly chopped by on the hand by someone associated with Luciano.

With last week’s incident, Freckles reportedly attacked Luciano with an iron pipe, hitting him on the head and causing a wound that required six stitches. Luciano has apparently taken the high road on the matter, and has reported the matter to the Half-Way-Tree police and plans to take Freckles to court.

Source: Dancehall Mobi

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