Saturday, February 7, 2009

Government Bans "Daggering"

There shall not be transmitted through radio or television, any recording, live song or music video which promotes the act of 'daggering' or which makes reference to, or is otherwise suggestive of 'daggering'," said Hopeton Dunn, commission chairman, in a release last night.
"There shall not be transmitted through radio or television or cable services, any song or music video which employs editing techniques or bleeping of its original lyrical content," Dunn continued.

The Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica banned radio and television stations from airing songs with content deemed explicitly sexual and violent, even if concealed by bleeps.

All dancehall songs which qualify as 'daggering' content including Kartel's Ramping Shop, RDX's Daggering and Bend Over, are included in the ban, which takes effect immediately. Obviously it does not affect content recorded on CDs and DVDs because that cannot be effectively policed.

Broadcasting Commission has come under pressure in recent months from church and civic groups to police the airwaves and sanction stations which breach the Television and Sound Broadcasting Regulations.

Source: Reggae Music FM

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