Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sasa Step Dance Trouble Brewing

This is a Dancehall.Mobi special update. There’s a new dance gaining popularity in the dances here in Jamaica. It’s called the Sasa Step, and was created by Mundo Ravers of the Ravers Clavers dance crew. It is no secret to the dancehall world that leading dancehall deejay Elephant Man has made a name for himself over the past few years by doing songs that speak to the current dancehall dance trends. His songs ‘Pon Di River’, ‘The Sweep’, ‘Nuh Linga’ and ‘Gully Creeper’ are just a few examples.

Trouble seems to be brewing however with regard to the brand new Sasa Step dance. Recently, Elephant Man released a song about the dance (which we’ve featured below) on the Mercury Overdose riddim, and the original creators of the dance are reportedly none too happy about this development, as they had already released a single to go along with the new dance they had created. Fellow Ravers Clavers dance crew member Overmars and QSean did this original Ravers Clavers Sasa Step song which is also featured in the play list below.

Dancehall.Mobi will keep you updated on this one. What’s your take on it? Please post comments below.

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