Thursday, February 19, 2009

Who Murdered Gospel Singer Moses?

The family of the gospel singer Kasim 'Moses' Grant will be seeking to have an independent pathologist examine the body of the singer to determine the cause of death after failing to get what they deemed a 'satisfactory result'.

"They were not pleased with the results of the government autopsy so they're seeking to have an independent pathologist come in to give their own assessment of how they believed Moses died. The family is very hurt about the whole thing and it is creating a lot of turmoil in their lives," a source close to the family told ReggaeMusicFM said.

Government pathologists performed a post mortem on the body of gospel singer Moses earlier this week to determine the cause of his death and the findings suggested that "his death was consistent with a fall".

"The question is now is who murdered Moses? Was he pushed? How did he fall? Did he jump off? And if he did, would his body be in that position? People want to know," the source said.

Moses, whose real name is Kasim Grant, died more than two weeks ago. The police found his battered body under a bridge in Gordon Town, St. Andrew. He had been on the run from police after a shooting incident during which it is alleged he shot a man who had intervened in an argument he had with his wife's uncle. According to the police, the argument involved a motor vehicle.

Much speculation has surrounded his death with some suspecting foul play because of the position his body was found in at the scene of the crime. He will be buried by Brite Lite Funeral Services.

Source: Reggae Music FM

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