Tuesday, February 24, 2009

BASHMENT GRANNY FOR THE BIG SCREEN - Movie to hit the streets by Christmas

It's official. Shebada, Bad Boy Trevor, Miss P, Mr Bashment and Angel are heading to the big screen, as the Bashment Granny movie is slated for a December 2009 release.

The movie comes after the very successful 2007 Bashment Granny and the sequel, which is currently playing across the island.

Speaking to THE STAR after Saturday's screening of Desperate Decisions at Redbones the Blues Café in New Kingston, scriptwriter and director Paul O Beale said "it is going to be a groundbreaking film". He will be doing the screen script for Bashment Granny; Garfield 'Bad Boy Trevor' Reid wrote the original play.

Beale said the film would be done with the same cast members as the play. But while it will be basically the same plot, "there are many things that are going to happen".

All he would reveal about the new things is that "it starts with a car chase in New Kingston.

Pre-production for the Bashment Granny movie starts in April.

Beale said in addition to the existing main cast, a further 20 persons will be required and open auditions will be done to fill the roles. He said that he isn't into the building of cliques, hence the audition process. In addition, it helps to unearth new talent.

He said that bringing in new talent not only means that there will be some continuity in the business, but "it keeps the people who are in there on their toes".

The movie will be produced by B.L. Allen while Stages Production serves as executive producer.

It will be no longer than two hours.

"For me personally, it is something I am looking forward to. Bashment Granny is a franchise. This is an expansion of that franchise," Beale said.

Source: Jamaica Star

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