Monday, February 23, 2009

GIRL FIGHT!!! Debbie vs the Keiva di diva

A major spat has been brewing between Keiva di Diva and Yardflex CEO Debbie Cole in recent weeks over a nasty posting made on the website that suggested that Keiva was 'bruk and that she need fi pick up back dancing because the store alone nah go mek it'. The posting came as a result of an encounter between one of the Yardflex's workers at Keiva's store during which she 'coerced' the worker to buy a keychain he did not particularly want or need. After the posting was made, Keiva did not respond but as fate would have it, she accompanied someone to the Yardflex office a few days later where she saw the young man who had been in her store days earlier.

Naturally, she confronted the male worker, saying 'God nah sleep and if mi did rich, mi woulda sue oonu'. Ms. Cole took offence and rose to her worker's defence accusing Keiva of threatening him. They exchanged heated words, but a subsequent posting on Yardflex blasted Keiva about her store with another picture of Keiva saying 'try sell some clothes and turn on back her light'. Enraged, Keiva planned a media campaign to put Ms. Cole on full blast.

Into the breach stepped Jalive online who also have been with Debbie Cole and so the stage was set for the major mud-slinging that would follow.

Last night, Keiva the Diva graced Jalive online chatroom with a stunning comeback. She informed the streamers that Debbie Cole daughter of Judy Mowatt was a drug mule that spent 7 years in a US prison for bringing coke in her vagina and had her children while she was there. As far as reggaemusicfm understands, this statement is not true because Ms. Cole, while we understand that she has been convicted of drug charges, was never incarcerated for being a drug mule.

Keiva also stated that Debbie and her sister were sleeping with the same man (Maxi Priest and apparently the reason for Judy becoming a christian was because of the life that Debbie was living and that even after she was deported from the US she was still living a dirty life which includes sleeping with younger men to the point were she was dragged from a bedroom by reggae artist Iley Dread (who we are assuming is her man). It was also stated that she is family to the talented Big Ship Family (Freddie McGregor) but has been an embarrassment to the family with her attitude of doing anything to get rich quick.

Streamers were very surprised by all this news.

"Her lifestyle no pretty...She have four kids and the four ah dem born a prison so she no have no quality," Keiva said.

Other statements were equally hard-hitting.

"Nuff respect to Judy but your daughter is a devil!"
Stay tuned for part twice of this mushrooming scandal between these outspoken women.

Source: Reggae Music FM

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