Saturday, January 31, 2009

No Entertainment Fraternity Support For Ice’s Funeral

Popular local dancer Ice (real name - David Smith) will be buried later today, and according to Tommy Thompson (Owner of Brite-Lite Funeral Services), there has been zero support from Jamaica’s entertainment fraternity with regard to the financial aspect of Ice’s funeral. Ice reportedly died almost penniless, and with his family not able to handle the funeral expenses on their own, Thompson (who is a long-time friend of Ice) has said that the family will be handling some of the expenses, and Brite-Lite will be taking care of the rest.

Ice was shot and killed on Boxing Day last year, and despite one suspect being held, the murder is still unsolved. Brite-Lite has planned a fitting send-off for the dancer later today. His body will be laid in a glass casket, inside a glass chariot, which will be pulled by a Cadillac Escalade. On leaving Brite-Lite funeral home, the funeral entourage will make its way through several Kingston communities, including Zinnia Avenue in Waltham Gardens (Ice’s home community). The final stop is at Our Lady of the Angels Church on Molynes Road where the funeral service will be held.

Source: Dancehall Mobi

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