Thursday, April 2, 2009

War in Cassava Piece

The road stink with the rumours say the two big man dem ah Cassava Piece kick off and one punch the other inna him mouth, and den the badman dem get involved. One of the big man dem bad man friend shot the other big man bodyguard inna him shoulder and foot part, and then the police call fi help and him police friend dem run in and corral the man and kill him and tek a Glock pistol off his body. Mi did know say that did a go gwaan after wah happen wid the Nineties man dem because dem say the deejay lock off him phone pon the selector, and nuh turn up, that's why him get the beaten and the bruk hand. What a ting eh!
The official police reports goes something like this:
The CCN reported that a police constable was shot and injured and his attacker later killed during a gun battle in Cassava Piece in St. Andrew last night.

The cop, who is a resident of Cassava Piece, was involved in a dispute with a man shortly after 9pm when the man reportedly drew a firearm and shot the Constable in his shoulder and thigh.

The gunman escaped while the injured cop was taken to hospital. A police team was later dispatched to the community and the alleged shooter was seen.

He was killed during a reported gun battle with the police. A Glock pistol was reportedly taken from his body.

Source: One 876 Ent.

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