Thursday, April 2, 2009

Luciano Buss Again!

Mi hear say Luciano plan fi keep big press conference today fi talk about the tings that ah bother him. And nuff people plan fi go fi hear wah him haffi say about all these things, him just better mek sure him no incriminate himself. But all mi can say is that it ah work fi him. There is no such thing as negative publicity, if you check the stats, the Google searches pon Luciano supposed to gone up in the last couple of days. All mi know is that Fattis better sign him back and put out an album fast. Right now, him can do all two clash dub plate fi the upcoming Death B4 Dishonour clash; the man buss back again. But fun and joke aside, dem rastaman ya really let me down ‘cause dem no spiritual, dem say one ting and ah do a bagga tings weh evil, right now Luciano ah live inna Lue-siana (I made a funny). Remember how him gwaan when dem find Sizzla wid gun? And ah the same Luciano weh exalt himself pon Lutan Fyah when him big up Bounty Killer fi buss ghetto yutes. Mi no feel sorry fi him at all.

Source: One 876 Ent

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