Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Aidonia impersonator at large

DJ Aidonia had better watch himself or he may find himself having to answer for things he has no clue about. Yardflex got it on good authority that there is a certain male in the JOP Group that is going around and pretending to be Aidonia.

From what we understand he tried several times to use Aidonia’s name to get money and has gone as far as having people booking him for shows.

According to our source at one point he wanted someone to book him on a show and send him half the money. He even tried it with a college student claiming he would do dubplate for them.

When one college promoter refused to give him the money he got nasty telling them expletives. The school was going to take action but one thing stopped them…they soon discovered that Aidonia was on tour and therefore it was impossible for him to be in two places.

Our source is in possession of the tapes where he is pretending to be Aidonia. Yardflex understands that the source can’t wait until Aidonia touch the US soil on May 8 to play the tape for him…but in the meantime, DJ take charge before this man mess you up.

Source: Yardflex

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