Thursday, April 2, 2009

Soldier charged and punished for slapping man at Luciano’s house

Following receipt of an update on the investigations into the incident that took place at Luciano’s house where a soldier slapped a civilian, the JDF Sergeant involved has been charged and punished.

National Security Minister Colonel Trevor MacMillan said the Sergeant, who had an exemplary record up to the time of the joint police military operation last Wednesday, admitted that he acted unprofessionally and has assumed full responsibility for his actions.

The Minister reportedly said he has no reason to doubt that the Sergeant is deeply saddened and remorseful over the incident, based on his comments and demeanour.

Senator MacMillan last week advised by the JDF that the Sergeant and Corporal who were involved in the altercation have been removed from front line duties.

In the meantime, the Minister says the investigation is still proceeding in relation to the Corporal.

He has promised to update the nation on the outcome of the probe.

Source: Yard Flex

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