Thursday, April 2, 2009


Can the ever-controversial dancehall artiste Desmond Ballentine a.k.a Ninja Man survive his latest brush with the law? The infamous deejay was charged last week with the gun slaying of a man on Marl Road in Kingston over a week ago. A release from the Major Investigations Task force (MIT) said Ballentyne was charged with murder, conspiracy to murder and illegal possession of a firearm.
The police are also continuing their hunt for two other men implicated in the gun slaying of 20 year old Ricardo Johnson a.k.a Ricky Trooper.

Sources say that the police are just attempting to smear Ninja Man's character because he has nothing to do with the shooting, and that the police are really after Ninja Man's son, a man who is notorious in the Mall Road community.

"The police dem just a try style Ninja, him no have nothing fi do with the shooting, him might know the man dem who pull the trigger but him no really involved. Ah long time the police dem a pressure Ninja Man, from the time him start the One Umbrella ting till now but ah really him son the beast dem really after," the source said.

Ninjaman has been arrested numerous times over the years, adding to his notoriety and appeal as a 'bad man deejay'. This is the second time he has been charged for murder, the first being in the late 1990s when he was charged and acquitted of having murdered a taxi driver. He even served a one-year stint in prison in late 1999 after being convicted of unlawfully possessing a firearm and ammunition. Known for the hits, Murder Dem, Permit to Bury and Above the Law, Ninja is a veteran of famous stage show clashes with Super Cat, Shabba Ranks, Vybz Kartel and even Flourgon.

In 1997, he changed his name to "Brother Desmond" as he sought to beat his crack cocaine addiction by converting to Christianity, however, he left the church two years later
In July 2001, Ninjaman was assaulted with a machete during a domestic dispute and left suffering from several wounds, some to the head. His deejaying career has been on the decline for quite some time now and Ninja lost his latest clash to Merciless during the Magnum Follow Di Arrow show at James Bond Beach a few weeks ago.

Source: Reggae MusicFM


Anonymous said...

it was only a matter of time that the crack head got into serious trouble with the law.

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screw you. just because he had a crack problem doesn't make you any better. listen to his song attention. everyone picks on drug addicts.