Monday, September 14, 2009

Unicorn and Macka no longer friends

Although they have a hit song on local charts, upcoming artiste Unicorn said he is no longer friends with 'money goddess' Macka Diamond.

However, Macka Diamond said she was oblivious to Unicorn's grouse.

A few months ago, the two released and shot a video for Think Bout Mi. The 'lovey-dovey' song has been doing well on local charts but it seems their sweet chemistry has turned sour, if only on Unicorn's side.

"Mi done with har fi life. Di only way me can deal with she is if certain people say she done with the bull and she is a changed person. A di same way she deal with Black-er. She too ungrateful," Unicorn told THE STAR.

This comes following an altercation between Unicorn and several men, allegedly from Macka Diamond's camp.

Unicorn said he went to Boasy Tuesdays last week to promote his latest single Never Been Touched.

"The selector draw the tune and it gwaan good two times. Then mi hear somebody say a money disc jocks get fi play tune," he said, while noting that a good song does not require payola.



At this point, he said, he got into an argument with Macka Diamond's chauffeur. Thereafter, all hell broke lose as bottles began flying and intense fighting ensued. The police later arrested Unicorn and two other men. He was released last Wednes-day morning from the Half-Way Tree lock-up.

He said when he was in the police vehicle he was threatened by men from Macka Diamonds' camp. Macka Diamond was not at the event.

"Dem seh mi diss up di big woman. How Macka a say dat she give mi money and mi say di money too likkle bit. Mi get fi find out seh a she a do all a this," Unicorn told THE STAR.

no money

"Mi get fi understand seh a Macka a set it up. She waan do mi like Black-er and Kiprich - fi write di whole a di hit tune dem and nuh give dem no money. Mi get fi realise seh anyweh mi go fi promote mi tune dem, she ago set up her friend dem."

But Macka Diamond seemed totally confused and shocked last week when THE STAR contacted her.

"Mi nuh know bout that (the incident at Boasy Tuesdays). Unicorn a look a hype or something. How mi fi set up people and mi nuh deh a Jamaica three weeks now. I'm lost! Weh yuh a tell mi is news to me," she said.

"From mi come up ya three weeks now, a mi album mi a work pon and do movie promotion (Redemption of Paradise)."

other allegations

But Unicorn made other allegations about Macka Diamond. He said she received about $250,000 to perform at Reggae Sumfest and she gave him only $10,000, after he performed with her. For other shows across the island, he said he gets only $5,000, which he said is only gas money.

This, Macka Diamond was also shocked to hear.

"More time a beg Unicorn beg mi fi a thing and mi give him. Mi neva know seh a book mi book Unicorn fi a show?" asked Macka Diamond.

Unicorn said he feels he deserves more as he helped to put her back on top of the charts.

"A me rise har pon di map. All of this is because she waan capture di song fi herself like is the only song lef pon di land. When she get tune, she deal with everybody like rubbish again. Anytime it boil down to nutten, she start call back people," said Unicorn.

Source: Jamaica Star

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