Saturday, September 26, 2009

Overmars happy with Bolt's ' Nuh Behaviour '

Popular dancer Overmars is pleased that Usain Bolt has done one of his dances on the international stage for the second time.

On Thursday, the double world record holder did the 'Nuh Behaviour' dance move - which was created by Overmars, on BET's 106 and Park. Jamaican-born American athlete, Sanya Richards was also on the show.

When contacted, Overmars said he appreciates what Bolt has been doing for his career and the dancing fraternity in general.

"Mi just feel good. Is just another step for me inna life. Di dancehall a get upliftment 'cause a di whole America and Jamaica see him do it (the dance). Mi feel good fi miself and the whole 'Above A Dem'. Dancing nuh stop here, it's worldwide," Overmars told THE STAR.

"Him leave from Nuh Linga and go do Nuh Behaviour. Him keeping the people dem up-to-date and posted. Mi appreciate the whole work."

At last year's Beijing Olympics, Bolt also did Overmars' 'Nuh Linga' dance after winning the men's 100 metres finals in record-breaking time. And, after the 200 metres finals, he did the 'Gully Creepa', which was created by the late dancer Ice, and Shelly Belly's 'Nineties Rock'.

dancing crew

But Overmars believes he is getting more exposure since he parted ways from the Ding Dong-led Ravers Clavers to form his own dancing crew Above A Dem.

"Mi nah lie, is like the best of me. Mi a get more exposure. Mi seh Nuh Behaviour and everybody know seh a Overmars dance," he told THE STAR, while noting that he has upcoming shows in England and Canada.

Previously, he had said that Ravers Clavers and Ding Dong were being credited for creating the 'Nuh Linga', which is his dance.

Although he loves dancing, Overmars says he is now putting a greater focus on his musical career. Recently, he recorded Nuh Behaviour with Voicemail on ZJ Chrome's Trippple Bounce rhythm. He is also in the process of completing tracks he recorded for Seanizzle Records and Yawdish Records.

Source: Jamaica Star


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