Thursday, September 17, 2009

Foota Hype charged with simple assault...

Alliance selector Foota Hype was charged with simple assault by the Constant Spring police and released from custody on Monday. He will face charges before the courts tomorrow.

He said that he could not discuss details of the case as it was before the courts but that his family was OK.

"Jesus do the most good and dem crucify him, so who is Foota Hype? This ah just my cross fi bear," Foota Hype said.

Last week, Foota Hype was in the eye of a firestorm as there were reports that his mother's property was shot up, and then Mavado's Range Rover was sprayed with bullets, shattering the rear windshield. No one has been arrested in connection with those shooting incidents. Mavado has denied any involvement in the attack on the gate of Foota Hype's mother. Foota Hype has also disavowed having any knowledge of the early morning attack on Mavado's Range Rover SUV at the deejay's uptown apartment in Armour Heights, St. Andrew. The police, we presume, are still investigating.

Source: One 876

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