Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Spice is the next Queen of the Dancehall" - Lady Saw

In closing the four-part interview with the 'Queen of the Dancehall' after discussing her past, her plans for her upcoming album My Way and her raunchy nature, Lady Saw tells THE STAR who she believes is the next best female artiste to fill her shoes.

With countless female deejays in the business often trying to be as risqué as can be, Lady Saw acknowledges that there are many females claiming to be the 'Princess of the Dancehall'. But for Lady Saw, she believes that friend and deejay Spice could be the closest challenger to her title. The two deejays share a tight bond, with Lady Saw acting as the godmother to Spice's two-year-old son, Nicholas. In previous interviews, Spice has always cited the 'Mumma of Dancehall' as an influence on her career.

Lady Saw recounted to THE STAR how she met Spice.

"I was at a Bounty Killer show and somebody tell me to call Spice onstage and I wasn't aware dat there was a female by the name of Spice,"she says. "Mark you, I'm di one who bring a lot of females onstage. I see people all ova telling me 'Yuh was the first one who gave me a mic, yuh know.' Anyway, I thought it was a male Spice, so mi sey 'No food nah cook round yah tonight' and den is like she have me off fa dat, yuh know. I always see her passing me by and not saying hello or whatever wid a likkle attitude ting, yuh know how Spice stay. So I asked manager why is she like dat and he said yuh rememba one time yuh sey 'no food nah cook round yah' (laughs)."

With a raunchy style, similar to that of Lady Saw's, Spice is poised to take over the business next, according to Saw.

"I love Spice's work and she bad; she mad. A mi likkle sista," Lady Saw said.

Source: Jamaica Star

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