Monday, January 26, 2009

Mr. Vegas' Dancer Boricia Takes Center Stage

After gaining international fame as the lead dancer for dancehall singjay Mr. Vegas, Jamaican-bred choreogrphapher Boricia Anthony Brown is set for the spotlight. In addition to touring with Mr. Vegas, Boricia will also take on numerous solo bookings, engagements and dance tours. Boricia's management, Irish and Chin, Inc., has plans to make her the first profesionally managed and globally marketed Jamaican dance act.

In the past year alone, the dancehall diva has lit up the stage in Japan, Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname, Guyana, Bahamas, Canada, Grand Cayman and many other hot spots throughout the United States and Caribbean. Boricia flawlessly incorporates an electrifying element into the stage show of entertainer Mr. Vegas. Converting the singjay's sets into all-out dance sessions, Boricia has scored with the fans.

Boricia soaks in the rawness of dancehall music, producing eclectic, enticing steps -- perfectly synchronized with pulsating beats. Once the dj unleashes the smash hit "Hot Wuk" and Boricia displays intricate moves that one should never try at home, the audience goes wild.

Boricia's ascent to fame is definitely that of fairytale proportion. It's clear that Boricia's infinite presence at Jamaica's famed open-air dances and in top Jamaican videos has not gone in vain. For it's through these appearances that Boricia was discovered. As Boricia tours internationally with Mr. Vegas, requests for her appearances have skyrocketed. Through out the world, Boricia is wooing crowds with her talent and bubbly personality.

In a short time, Boricia has become a dancing phenomenon, attracting a huge fanbase and loads of media attention. Due to widespread popularity and heavy demand, Boricia is set to further her shine as an international dance act. This year, Boricia will soar. For Boricia, the sky is the limit.

Source: Yard Flex

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