Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dancehall Diva Timberlee is on the Rise

It's only one month into the New Year and the beautiful dancehall star Timberlee already boasts a growing list of accomplishments.

Timberlee's presence as the new, lovely face of dancehall is not without merit. Notably, the dancehall star is nominated for "Female Artist of the Year" in the Excellence in Music and Entertainment Awards (EME). Needless to say, Timberlee is humbly pleased that fans are recognizing her talent.

Still reveling in the success of "Bubble Like Soup," Timberlee's new single"Heels" is spreading internationally like wildfire. Receiving a warm welcome from female fans through out the dancehall arena, the quirky and bubbly "Heels" is spawning a craze. Moreover, "Heels" has redefined every lady's inner passion for fine footwear. Produced by Leftside, "Heels" is in a league of its own -- receiving heavy plays on radio and attention of the media.

"I feel very accomplished," says Timberlee. "It makes me feel good that 'Bubble Like Soup' is still bubblin' after almost three years…….and I just love that 'Heels' is thriving."

The pop-inspired "Heels" is not the only example of Timberlee's exploration with diverse music genre. Recently, the femme fatale recorded the fiery combo "Gangsta Style" with Bounty Killer. Laced with traces of Jazz and Rock and Roll, Timberlee skillfully holds her own in "Gangsta Style." Once the massive get a hold of the hardcore "Gangsta Style," there is no doubt that it too will be larger-than-life.

With a passion for music that's second-to-none, Timberlee constantly eyes music projects that will have an impact on the dancehall industry in some form or fashion. As a result of Timberlee's growing popularity, she is set to tour the U.S. and U.K. this Spring.

Source: Yard Flex

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