Friday, January 6, 2012

Tifa and Timberlee falling out?

It seems as if tension continues to exist between prominent Dancehall divas, Tifa and Timberlee, especially following an alleged incident that took place during New Year's weekend.

This news comes a month after comments that mutual friend and fellow deejay, Natalie Storm made during an interview on the LaurenOLauren (LOL) show on Flow TV. When asked by show host, Lauren Dunn about relations within the TNT (Tifa, Natalie Storm, Timberlee) camp, the Hotta deejay hinted that tension existed between Tifa and Timberlee.

"It's the two musketeers now…I try to keep out of it because I still talk to both girls…there’s no more TNT...we're all off doing our own individual things."

Additionally, Natalie Storm intimated that she continues to hang out and work with both parties and plans to work with them in 2012. However, the deejay insisted that she won't involve herself within the drama.

"I try to keep myself out of all of that drama...dem seh cockroach nuh business inna fowl fight and that’s how I look at it."

Tifa and Timberlee both burst onto the Dancehall scene in 2007 and have collaborated on several singles including Nuh Tinky Winky. Additionally, they and Natalie Storm worked on a collaborative album, TNT: Three the Hard Way in 2008 and appeared in several of each other's videos.

Source: Out A Road

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