Thursday, January 12, 2012

Protoje Leaps From '7 Year Itch' To '8 Year Affair'

After conquering his 7 Year Itch in 2011, budding deejay Protoje is now on to The 8 Year Affair.

It took seven years to complete his first album, but having honed his craft to his satisfaction, Protoje is completing his sophomore album, The 8 Year Affair, far more quickly.

The deejay entered the scene in 2009 with his hit Arguments which was followed by the likes of Dread, JA, No Lipstick and the runaway hit Rasta Love which featured Ky-Mani Marley. It was only January of last year at the Bob Marley Museum that he launched his praised debut album 7 Year Itch.

Over the weekend, Protoje released his first single from his second album titled Who Dem A Program. He told The Gleaner recently, "well, The 8 Year Affair is the sequel to the 7 Year Itch and you know, after the itch, comes the affair."

According to him, the album is in the early stages of development but he is looking forward to releasing it in the summer.

Reflection of growth

While the first album chronicled a seven-year musical journey, Protoje says the sophomore album will reflect his growth and development spiritually.

He said, "the sound is definitely different on this album. Don (Corleon) and I wanted to bring a fresh sound to it, as yuh can tell by the first single, it sounds like nothing on the 7 Year Itch."

The first single Who Dem A Program has a more aggressive sound to it than anything on his previous album.

In the chorus he deejays, "A who dem a program? who dem young girl have dem eye pon? A coulda who dem a program? A who Mr Babylon have dem eye pon? Who dem a program? Who informa siddown and a spy pon?"

He explained, "I always wanted my first single for my second album to make a statement. To reaffirm my presence in the industry. Lyrically, what this song speaks about was important to me."

In the upcoming months, the artiste is planning to do music videos for Who Dem A Program and Our Time Come.

While Don Corleon is doing the bulk of production work on The 8 Year Affair, there will also be a single from a French production label called Soul Vybz. He also says he isn't opposed to working with other producers.

Source: Jamaica Observer

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