Monday, August 25, 2008

DJ Vybz Kartel’s Honda Accord bombed?

Gangster lyricist Adejah Palmer more popularly known as Vybz Kartel was given a rude awakening when his Honda Accord motor car was allegedly bombed outside of his plush upper St Andrew home in the late hours of Sunday 24th August. According to reports from the area, a motorcycle was heard entering the road on which the Dj lives and moments later an explosion shattered the silence complimented by the sound of the motorcycle speeding off.

When the team arrived on the scene, the charred remains of the car were seen outside the deejay’s gate cooling down.

The Dj was not available for comment, but team hopes that he stays safe and that there will be no repeat of this incident.

It is unclear as to what were the motives behind the bombing but will keep you posted as the saga unfolds.

Source: Out A Road

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