Friday, October 2, 2009

‘It’s No Jacket, Busy is the Father,’ says Shantal Chin

Dancehall hot girl, Shantal Chin — sister of the Rosie Chin who Ele deejays about — says the DNA results are back and they state that Busy Signal is the father of her seven and a half month old daughter.Shantal, whose sister was involved in a ‘jacket’ drama with Craig of the group Voicemail, is now seeking the help of the Family Court to get Busy to support their child financially.

She reportedly told one newspaper that at first Busy was “helping out” but then people started saying that child wasn’t his, so he demanded a paternity test, but nothing has changed. The deejay, like many of his colleagues, remains on the list of “Deadbeat Dads”.
Actually it was earlier this year that Voicemail member Craig, was involved in a baby mother drama which resulted in a DNA test proving that Craig was not the father of the child.

News that Craig had been given a ‘jacket’ made the front page and the deejay was the subject of many jokes.
It was then that deejay Busy Signal reportedly took the decision that he too wanted a paternity test.

The story is that 19-year-old Shantal was one month pregnant when her 19 month relationship with the dancehall artiste came to an end. Busy, she says, used to make a contribution, however, she went to Panama to stay with her aunt and give birth. Upon her return to Jamaica, however, Busy has refused to take her calls and is unwilling to support their daughter.

It was then that Shantal reported the matter to the Family Court in Kingston. The two are to appear for family counselling on October 7.

Source: Yard Flex

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