Thursday, October 15, 2009


Tough-talking Superintendent Cornwall 'Bigga' Ford, head of the Flying Squad, has promised another 'visit' to Kid Kurupt, following a raid of the deejay's home at Barbican Terrace, St Andrew, on Tuesday.

Superintendent Ford and members of his team swooped down on the deejay's home following constant reports of disturbances coming from there.

Kid Kurupt was not present, but what was said to be seen at the deejay's home has sparked the police's interest and concern.

The police said two girls aged 16 and 17 were found at the home, while another 15 men were present. The girls had been away from home for some four months now, THE STAR was told.

Kid Kurupt first contacted THE STAR and spoke of the raid, and admitted that he had received previous complaints from his neighbours.

The deejay said, "I went somewhere at the time the police came by. I drove back and saw them at the house but didn't stop."

He continued: "Bigga Ford spoke to my cousin and gave him a message that I should behave myself. But I am behaving myself and nah do nutten. I might smoke ... and play loud music but I don't have no guns or nothing illegal not going on, no bad behaviour. I don't have a problem with Bigga Ford, I just want dem know I'm not doing anything unlawful."

He further went on to say "not even a rizzla" was found.

When asked about the operation, superintendent Ford quickly responded by speaking about the two girls seen at the house and "... Man from Red Hills, Cassava Piece, Constant Spring and Grants Pen was there too. Fifteen of dem.

Source: Jamaica Star

"Why so much man haffi deh a di yard?" he questioned before adding, "Tell him seh I coming back fi him."

The police said the girls who were found at the house were taken to the offices of the Flying Squad in downtown Kingston, where they were collected by their parents.

For the deejay who has lived in the house he owns in the area for the last 15 years, he believes that the operation was done after complaints from his neighbours. He said that he, too, has received complaints and he has made attempts to calm the rowdy behaviour of his friends.

"I'm putting everything under control. Everyone was there today, dem now know is a serious situation. They went through it instead of me," Kid Kurupt said.

When informed that Ford would be visiting the residence again, Kurupt said he did not have a problem with that and only wants to discuss any problems the superintendent might have with him, describing it as a "positive move."

Meanwhile, Kurupt, who is known for songs such as Sake A Dah Gal on the Don Corleone-produced Egyptian rhythm, says he is trying to make his way back into the business. "I'm just trying to get back into the business, trying to change my life. I'm doing work with people I grew up wid, like Black Diamond, and do positive music, not the derogatory thing like one time," he said.

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