Friday, November 13, 2009

Keiva the Diva is pregnant

Popular female dancer Keiva the diva, yesterday admitted to reports of her being pregnant.

The 30-year old dancer, business woman and now mother-to-be, confirmed with THE WEEKEND STAR that she was expecting to give birth to a child and expressed full confidence of her near role as mother that is fast approaching.

"I'm pregnant. I don't really tell anyone about it, but it's okay if they hear now. I don't want to say how long," said the dancer, born Keiva Hibbert.

But she did, however, disclose information about who the father is. The dancer, who gained popularity after featuring in Elephant Man's Log On video in 2001, revealed that the child's father is an American.

"The father lives in America and he's not the popular figure people would want to hear. I don't want to get too excited about it. Some people actually notice, while others will be hearing about it tomorrow (today)," she said, in a telephone interview.

The dancer said since she became aware of her pregnancy, she has cut down on the hectic partying and has only attended two weekly dances in the form of Wet and Passion Sundays, where she presented her most modest character.

Keiva, who is getting ready to have her first child remains hopeful that all will go well.

"I feel it's comfortable for a lady to have her first born smoothly. I'm definitely going to have a smooth one. I only party at Wet Sundays because it has enough room, and I only dance a little," she said.

The dancer, who recently opened her store Keiva's Kloset, located at Princeville Plaza, Shop #2, Constant Spring Road, said she has taken motherhood seriously and has employed a new lifestyle in hope of a perfect carriage.

"I'm enjoying motherhood right now. The book (What To Expect, When I'm Expecting, by Heidi Murkoff and Sheron Mazel) I'm reading is teaching me a lot. I'm waking up and sleeping at the right time now, eating on time, plus my mother (Beverley Reddie) gives strong support," said Keiva, who noticed her bodily changes after a vacation in the United States.

"I never know I was pregnant. I went on a vacation but after going to Passion Sundays I was feeling bad. Did a pregnancy test and later found out," she said. For now, fans can expect not to see Keiva on the dancefloor," she said.

She however, reassured, "I'm not going to stop dancing. It's in my jeans. I'm going to be a mom now, so things must change. My fans will just have to understand that."

After her child's birth, the medium-built dancer, known for the popular dance moves like Earthquake, sees herself being the example of a strong career-driven woman, who devotes enough time and energy into a child's development.

"How I'm going to cope? That's not a problem. When I was dancing people said it was going to be difficult running a store and thing. It's just that you have to know what's important," she said.

Source: Jamaica Star

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